I grew up in a small town in South Florida called Stuart. Outside of school and sports, most of my childhood and teenage years were spent on the water fishing, boating and waterskiing with my family, as well as traveling. At the time these were all moments that I took for granted, but as I looked back at old family photographs I felt blessed that I was able to relive those moments and their nostalgia.

After college I picked up photography for my own personal enjoyment but soon I found myself photographing friends and family and shortly after, weddings. In 2011 I started my business and have never looked back since. Four years later I am still photographing weddings and portraits in Florida as well as Atlanta, Ga; all while taking a journalistic approach to both.

This little unintentional dream job of mine has led me to work with some amazing people over the past four years. I am truly blessed with some exceptional people as clients and even new friends. When I’m not crashing a wedding or shooting portraits you can usually find me off traveling somewhere new with my husband and our son or just out enjoying the beautiful outdoors.